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About Us

We are a conservative Bible Holiness fellowship, with no desire to be just another outlet for religious activity, or a place to get your ticket punched on Sunday morning. We believe the local Christian assembly should be a place where the Word of God is central, and where hungry hearts can receive the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We are not interested in offering the hottest coffee, the freshest donuts, the most contemporary music, or even the most homiletically correct lectures. Instead of sight, sound, sensationalism, and the latest religious fads, we simply desire to edify the Church and to point unredeemed men and women to Christ.
Our heritage goes back to the days of the Holiness Movement, dating back to the late 19th century. Labels such as Holiness, Wesleyan, Free Will, Pentecostal, and Full Gospel were often associated with those early assemblies, where theological terms such as the New Birth, Sanctification, and Holy Ghost Baptism were examined in light of Holy Scripture. Some of those small groups grew into large denominations, and became very effective in spreading the gospel message around the world. However, in more recent times, the influence of the modern charismatic renewal, coupled with an attraction for the sensual and worldly, have drastically influenced some of those organizations, sadly resulting in a stark departure from the old landmarks of Bible Holiness. Our commitment to the old landmarks remains strong. Grace Fellowship Holiness Church is committed to the unchanging Word of God, in an ever changing world.
If you would like to be a part of a local assembly where the Word of God is preeminent, and where worship is neither charismatic nor liturgical, but Christ-honoring, please contact us at 919-851-7676. We would be delilghted to share more information about our ministry with you.

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